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LegacyFarms Limited Is a digital investment company that soaked his focus on trading and hedging top cap digital assets like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin & Ripple.

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About legacy digital farms

Legacy Digital Farms Is a digital investment company that soaked its focus on making the world a better place leaving them digitaly Rich Down to their physical reflections in all assets

Investment Plans

Refer 5 friends and get LGC5,000 cash instantly


Daily for 30 day

  • Minimum Deposit: 5000
  • Maximum Deposit: 100000
  • Returns: 8000 - 160000
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Daily for 30 day

  • Minimum Deposit: 100000
  • Maximum Deposit: 200000
  • Returns: 160000 - 320000
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Daily for 30 day

  • Minimum Deposit: 10000
  • Maximum Deposit: 23000
  • Returns: 16000 - 36800
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Frequently Asked Question

Please Frequently Asked Question Section.

There is no particular minimum but we have provided a range of minimums for each plan. ICE Plan Ł₲
All you need to know About Legacy Digital Investment Legacy Digital farms: is Nigeria's Best and fastest online trading company, Bringing every man's dream into a Digital reality likewise eradicating poverty entirely from the world Ceo's Speech... So this year I decided to open my long awaited Project that will enable me place millions of people on a monthly salary of some digits (Depending on their Investments) for the rest of the year. Very had to believe I know but it's happening. It's my sacrifice, A charity workshop and that's what I wish to do for people this year. All about People planting a live currency to Germinate afterwards for the rest of their lives. Leaving soo many business, Companies and Organizations at a very high height of success has been our Aim. LGF is not a PONZI SCHEME or a PEER to PEER platform but a business move. This moves aims to help struggling persons such as students, business persons, salary earners and a host of others a means to earn passive income with little or no stress. This move is also to inspire the younger generation to do something better with their time with the funds provided. As their investment has been made and running? all Official group chats are opened for both international and national lectures to commence as there will be a pure forex trading, binary option and other money making strategy courses to be Taught with live video practical. Yours is just to seat, down, apply wisdom and place widrawals every 14days or a month and I will deliver. Referral Programs Every member is also entitled to refer people across the world and get paid. Refer 3people you get N4,000 cash instantly Refer 6people you get N8,000 cash instantly Refer 9people you get N12,000 cash instantly Refer 12people you get N15,000 cash instantly And soo on and soo forth. In all group chats we carry out daily giveaways N5, 000 worth of recharge vouchers for free and N50, 000 cash prize for *Q&A* quiz. Legacy Digital farms: is just one big family that is set to make the world happy and nothing more than that. That is all about *Legacy Digital Investment* (forever road to unlimited earning)
To make an investment with us simply choose the investment plan or click on register and you will be redirected to the registration page. After you have completed registration, navigate to account funding section to deposit money into your account. After you have successfully funded your account, purchase any of our investment plans and wait for your daily or hourly profits.
Free Money? Sure, why not! If you’re bringing in friends/family you can get up to 10% more to your return per each plan your referral invest. The payment is made instantly to your account balance after the investment cycle has been completed. Starter - 5% Basic - 8% Advance - 10% For more information, please visit our Referrals Section.


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When a friend told me about this site a few months ago I was obviously a little sceptical but as he had been doing it for a while I thought I would try it out. I invested on their Basic plan. Today received my investment profit. Thanks!

R. Rifati Occupation, Freelancer

The feeling I get every time when I open my Mailbox and see a new e-mail from BTCdrive, ican not be described… I'm extremely overwhelmed. Thank you for that!

A. Khalud Occupation, Trader

Should I say I was flabbergasted… From the on-point and prompt response of the admin tk whatever issues you may have to Oh yes! Received my bitcoin payment today way earlier by hours compared to when I did it. I was astonished getting an email from BTCdrive.

J. C Occupation, Digital Marketer